The Atlas Book Club


New Beginning

I am trying to get this going again. So if you received your invitation and are reading this, great! Please post in the comment section if you are willing to join. Once I know who is interested I will prepare the schedule and we can get reading. I really had a lot of fun the last time we did this and hope that it can be even better this time. Talk to you soon.

If you are completely new to the club, here is a quick explanation of the site and how to use it.

Read the code. This is our charter and will explain how things work. Then go to schedule to see when you are responsible for the book choice this year. We only read one book a month so don’t get flustered. Then I suggest you check out the “This Month” page for the current month, as well as “Daily Poetry” and whatever else you are in the mood for. It should be simple. Enjoy!


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