The Atlas Book Club


The Best version of the Count

The Count of Monte Cristo: Abridged

by Alexandre Dumas, Lowell Bair (Abridged by)

Get that one. You will like it.


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A Warm Welcome

I would like to welcome the new faces to the club and I hope that you can all have fun here. Some new found heavy hitters worth mentioning are:

Christina & Brook, hailing from North Carolina. We are very lucky to have them.

Bradley Glenn Sims, a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer. His rapier wit and keen insight will be welcome. He is also single for you ladies out there…

Robert Landes, A violin virtuoso from Utah. A very welcome addition.

Robert Bird, An accomplised businessman, and my favorite cousin! Also from Utah.

John Ellis, an amazing architect from Houston Texas. Thanks for giving us a shot.

This year could be the greatest ever, I am getting excited to see what books everyone will pick and for the discussions our varied backgrounds will create! Happy reading.

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A Rebirth


First, I want to say that I really want to get this going again. We have had some hiccups so far, but lets put those behind us and try again. I would like to have an initial Skype meeting where we get as many as want to participate to join, decide on the best times to do the meetings and nominate and elect a Book Club Vice President. That way if for whatever reason I cannot make it to a meeting, the delegated person can start the call and get things going without me. I understand if any of you have lost hope in me or really just want to pursue other things, but if you want to get this going I say lets get it going. It helps me read books I would never read otherwise and I could use a little more of that in my life right now. I think in the Skype meeting we could try to get the schedule figured out and in place as well so we can plan in advance the books we need to get and read, as well as talk about the books we all want to read and veto those, if any, we don’t. So with that said I hope to talk to you all soon.



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June’s Book

Aup picked “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. It looks really good. Happy reading.

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Apologies and New Meeting Time


So life has been crazy at my house recently but, everything is under control now. The meeting didn’t happen due to no one being on skype at the scheduled time. No one was on because I failed to send out the emails on the exact time. I will be sending emails as well as this post so there is no confusion. So this Saturday night at 9pm central, if you want to talk about “The Road” and are available, get on skype or email me your skype username and we can get this rolling. I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. In the future plan on doing these on the first Saturday of the month following that books month, i.e. May’s book will be discussed on the first Saturday in June. That way everyone can get the book read and we can have a little more structure. Also I have picked the June selection so you can start reading again.

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“The Road” Meeting

Greetings fellow book lovers. It is getting close to the time we should start planning our meeting. I am thinking we can do it on Saturday the 30th or Friday the 29th. 9pm central would be the preferred time. If you have a preference please post it here so we can finalize it. Also please check to see when you are responsible for the book of the month and get your selections to me ASAP. So we can get that all planned out. Thanks again!

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New Beginning

I am trying to get this going again. So if you received your invitation and are reading this, great! Please post in the comment section if you are willing to join. Once I know who is interested I will prepare the schedule and we can get reading. I really had a lot of fun the last time we did this and hope that it can be even better this time. Talk to you soon.

If you are completely new to the club, here is a quick explanation of the site and how to use it.

Read the code. This is our charter and will explain how things work. Then go to schedule to see when you are responsible for the book choice this year. We only read one book a month so don’t get flustered. Then I suggest you check out the “This Month” page for the current month, as well as “Daily Poetry” and whatever else you are in the mood for. It should be simple. Enjoy!

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The First Rule of Fight Club is…

Don’t talk about fight club! haha. I think we have done enough of that so I am hereby scheduling the chat on Thursday night. If you haven’t finished you still have time. We will do it at 8 mountain for everyone’s convenience. See you there.

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Wednesday June 4th

The meeting will be on Wednesday June 4th at 8pm mountain. I hope as many people can make it as possible. If you can’t we understand.


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Unfortunately, Adrienne and I cannot make the meeting on Thursday due to complications, so we are bumping it forward a week. Sorry to do this, but things are a bit crazy around here right now. So if you haven’t finished, this should give you ample time, and if you have, you should be able to think of really cool things to talk about.  

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