The Atlas Book Club


The Code

Here is the “Code” of the Atlas Book Club: 

1. Have fun! 

2. Read the selected book

3. Show up to the meeting

4. Don’t whine about book selection. Keep an open mind; be courteous

If you are selected to choose the book for the month, you can choose any book you want. If you are still having problems selecting a book maybe the following will help.

1. Pick something that you know is good (this prevents angry book club member retaliation)

2. If you have already read what you are going to select, make sure you are willing to read it again–no cheating by picking something you have already read in the hopes of not having to read!

3. Don’t worry about picking something you think everyone will like. Pick what you want. The purpose of this is to read books you normally wouldn’t read. Be creative and have fun.  


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